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Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Installations:

fire sprinkler system installation

I.S.FIREPRO can supply complete fire sprinkler system installation to any new commercial building. I.S.FIREPRO is a full service fire protection company our commercial installation services include fire sprinkler plans & city permits for Underground sprinkler mains & Overhead fire protection coverage. Warehouses, Office buildings, Major Retail chains, Hotels, Apartment complexes and High Pile Storage are covered in I.S.FIREPRO‘s commercial and industrial  installation services.


New Industrial Fire Sprinkler System Installations:

I.SFIREPRO installs industrial grade fire protection coverage to newly constructed buildings. These services include High Pile Storage for In Rack systems and Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems for clients with freezers or deep freezers and clients with clean rooms. I.S.FIREPRO also designs & installs high capacity fire sprinkler systems requiring 8inch and above mains & underground.


Fire Sprinkler Plans & Design Layouts – I.S.FIREPRO can provide a complete fire sprinkler system design & calculations for all commercial and industrial businesses. This is the first step in installing and identifying the fire protection requirements for your new structure/business. I.S.FIREPRO designs both Underground & Overhead proposed installations by providing our own fire sprinkler system plan designs we are able to cut down design wait time (actual time frame varies upon project size and capacity).


Underground Main Services – I.S.FIREPRO installs underground fire sprinkler mains from city point of connection to private property to supply new fire sprinkler systems. Including the installation of Back Flow Preventers, Thrust Blocks, & when required On-Site Fire Hydrants to private property.


Complete Overhead Fire Sprinkler System Coverage- Complete Overhead system installation including high density fire sprinkler heads, dry fire sprinkler heads, fire hose stations for additional coverage for machinery & hard to cover areas. I.S.FIREPRO’s diverse fire sprinkler knowledge can ensure proper coverage and installation into all new commercial and industrial installations.


I.S.FIREPRO also installs into New Residential Construction see Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems for more information & complete residential fire sprinkler system install details.


I.S.FIREPRO also performs Retrofit Fire Sprinkler Installations see Retrofit Fire Protection services for more information and what type of installations fall under our Fire Sprinkler Retrofit services.