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Fire Systems in Los Angeles, CA

While they’re seldom though about, the importance of having a reliable fire sprinkler system in your home can’t be understated. Each year, thousands of fires tear through unsuspecting homes, costing families and individuals their lives and destroying irreplaceable belongings. Being equipped with a sprinkler system when a fire breaks out could mean the difference between a short-lived scare and a widespread disaster.

At I.S.FIREPRO, our fire safety specialists provide comprehensive residential fire sprinkler system installations and repairs for new homes, home additions, and remodeling/retrofitting projects. As one of the area’s leading fire protection companies, we understand the vital role that fire protection systems plays in keeping you and your family safe. That’s why we encourage you to purchase one of our fire systems in Los Angeles, CA. Call us for a free estimate today, and we’ll provide you with an onsite job survey at no additional charge.

Performing Residential Fire Sprinkler Installations

Fire sprinkler systems are a source of fire protection not only can save the lives of distressed occupants, but the lives of the firefighters bravely performing rescues as well. By equipping your space with this preventative technology, you’re taking a proactive approach to your safety needs and helping to keep fires from consuming your property or harming anyone.

To install a sprinkler system, a design layout along with your new or existing home’s architectural plans must be submitted separately to the local authorities. Once your plans have been approved by the city and local fire authorities, you’ll receive a permit, and our dedicated professionals can begin your installation. All of our installations are coordinated either with a general contractor or the homeowner themselves. When you put your fire safety needs in the hands of our keen fire safety specialists, you can rest assured that we’ll work quickly and effectively to ensure your fire safety system is ready to use as soon as possible.

Are you closing escrow on a house equipped with a fire sprinkler system? Are you converting a single family home into a residential care facility? Whatever your reason, I.S.FIREPRO proudly provides full-service inspections and testing services to ensure that the fire prevention systems for your new property function properly. Our fire protection company conducts all of its fire sprinkler system inspections in conjunction with your local fire authority for your convenience. Call our dedicated specialists to discuss your fire safety needs and schedule an appointment with our team.

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Always Stay Protected with Fire Sprinkler Repairs

Having adequate fire protection in your home is crucial when everything in your space could be at risk. Hindsight does no good where fire is concerned. It of the utmost importance to make sure that your fire protection system is always ready to go, should you need it. Has your system sprung a leak? Are the gauges difficult to read? No matter what the issue, we consider it our obligation to resolve any issues, bring your system back up to code, and ensure it’s ready to use in the event of a fire.  

When you turn to our team for fire sprinkler repairs in Los Angeles, you can have the utmost confidence that the state of your system will never be left to question. As your dedicated fire safety specialists, we won’t simply return your fire sprinkler system to full working capacity—we’ll also look at every possible factor to ensure your property is adequately protected. The can dramatically change the outcome of any type of fire and gives you and your occupants a much better chance of coming away from a fire unharmed.

Have you been notified that your home has recalled fire sprinkler heads? If you’re relying on defective fire safety equipment, you could be putting everyone and everything in your home at risk without knowing it. Turn to our team to have the defective ones removed and new fire sprinkler heads installed. With new, high-performance sprinkler heads, your residential fire prevention system will contain the fire, prevent it from spreading, and extinguish it quickly and effectively.   Don’t spend any longer than is absolutely necessary with recalled fire safety equipment. Count on our team to restore your system to peak performance as soon as possible.

Contact our fire safety specialists for a free estimate today. We proudly serve residential customers throughout Los Angeles area, as well as Orange County, California, and the Inland Empire.

Fire Sprinkler Testing & Inspection for Residential Homes 

Does your home have an existing fire sprinkler system? Are you closing escrow on a house with an existing  fire sprinkler system? We offer inspection and testing services to ensure proper function of the system before you buy and for your piece of mind. 

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