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Fire Sprinklers in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions 


How often does a fire sprinkler system need to be tested?

Automatic fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles that are tested at (5) year intervals are known as Title 19 testing, as per NPFA 25. However a fire inspector from the city or county that the system is located in can request testing at any time (example; a building with fire sprinkler system changing occupants or a business trying to obtain a new certificate of occupancy). The chart below outlines commonly requested intervals.

Chart | Fire Sprinkler Systems Los Angeles

What is a “Five Year Automatic Fire Sprinkler Test”?

Five year fire sprinkler testing or “Title 19 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Testing” is a test of fire a fire sprinkler system to ensure proper function if a fire were to occur. All components are tested and the system is Back-flushed, the Back-flush is often witness by a local fire inspector having jurisdiction.

What areas does I.S.FIREPRO cover?

All of Los Angeles County; City of Los Angeles, Alhambra, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Compton, Norwalk, Downey, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Studio City, Redondo Beach, Pomona, El Monte, Whittier, Monrovia, Azusa, West Covina, Covina, Commerce, Cerritos, La Canada Flintridge, Montebello, Pasadena, Claremont, Lynwood, Pico Rivera, Vernon and Maywood.

In the Orange County area I.S.FIREPRO covers; Garden Grove, Brea, Placentia, Orange, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Anaheim, Santa Ana, La Palma, Seal Beach, Yorba Linda, and Stanton.

For the Inland Empire are clients I.S.FIREPRO covers: Fontana, Ontario, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, San Bernardino, Chino, Montclair and Rialto. 

Map | Fire Sprinkler Systems Los Angeles

Will all the fire sprinklers in my home or office all go off at the same time during a fire?

Fire sprinkler system heads all activating at the same time is a common miss conception and often portrayed this way in movies. However each individual fire sprinkler head needs to be exposed to heat intense enough to break the bulb and trigger that sprinkler head. For example if a fire occurs on the first floor of a building only the fire sprinkler heads on that floor directly exposed to the heat will trigger.

Do I have to upgrade my homes’ water meter if I have a sprinkler system installed?

A water meter that is less than 1 inch in size cannot support the additional demand of a fire sprinkler system in addition to the usual domestic water usage. Water meter upgrades are done by the water company that covers your homes area – by calling your water company you can find out the size of your homes existing water meter and how much an upgrade in size will cost.

How will I know if my project will need fire sprinklers?

The building and development department of the city or county having jurisdiction over the property who review your proposed new project will inform you if and level of fire protection your project may need.

Section 904.2 of the California Building Code is amended to read as follows:

All Occupancies and Facilities. An automatic fire-sprinkler system shall be installed throughout all newly constructed buildings 500 or more square feet in floor area, throughout all substantially remodeled buildings, throughout all newly constructed second units, and throughout any existing Group R Occupancies upon conversion to common interest development.

Exception: Rooms or closets in Group R, Division 3 Occupancies which are less than 10 s.f.in floor area with complete full depth shelving.

In all residential buildings required to be sprinkled above, attached garages shall also be sprinkled, and in multi-family residential occupancies the attics shall be sprinkled.

In all new and existing buildings, where fire sprinklers are required by provisions of this code, they shall be extended into all unprotected areas of the building in accordance with standards developed by the Chief.

All public storage facilities shall be provided with an automatic fire sprinkler system throughout.

The requirements for fire sprinklers in this code section are not meant to disallow the provisions for area increase, height increase, or Fire-Resistive substitution if otherwise allowed by sections 505.3, 506, and 508 of the Building Code.

I have a warehouse and would like to install a fire sprinkler system into it, can this be done?

Yes, this service is called a Retrofit; putting a new system into an existing structure. A property walk through to assess the building will be conducted by a fire protection contractor (like I.S.FIREPRO) and architectural plans will be required to determine if the structure can hold the weight of a new system.

A Fire Hydrant on our property has been damaged can it be fixed or do I have to replace it?

Depending on the extent of the damage a private on-site fire hydrant can be repaired. If the hydrant is no longer functioning properly it may have to be replaced. An on-site fire hydrant is located on the privately owned property.

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