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Commercial and Industrial | Fire Sprinkler Installation San Bernardino

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Company Los Angeles CA

Commercial & Industrial Fire Sprinkler Installation - Los Angeles

I.S.FIREPRO offers commercial fire sprinkler installation in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties. Commerical or Industrial new construction projects, retrofiting new systems into existing buildings, and complete system upgrades for Hile Pile Storage projects can all be quoted at an affordable rate! Call now for a free estimate - Fire sprinkler Installation project bids include system layout and plan design, permits with local authority along with underground and overhead install for our clients convenience. Our knowledge of the fire sprinkler industry will help guide you through your warehouse, apartment, office or industrial manufacturing project. Thinking of expanding? Let I.S.FIREPRO, Los Angeles CA's commercial fire sprinkler company, help you grow with our Tenant Improvement services, we can expand your existing fire sprinkler system into newly built areas or existing areas without fire protection.  

 Fire Sprinkler System Repair Services 

Looking for fire sprinkler repair in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Bernardino areas? Automatic fire sprinkler system reapirs including; leaks, main breaks, broken fire sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler head change out or replacement, relocations, riser relocation and valve change outs. For Industrial clients we offer specialty repair services for Dry fire sprinkler systems, repairs for fire pumps, onsite fire hydrant install and repair and fire hose install or replacement.  All repairs are quoted with a free estimate and competitively priced I.S.FIREPRO is a great choice for a fire sprinkler contractor in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino areas. 

Fire Sprinkler System Testing & Maintenance 

Need help maintaining a fire sprinkler system in Los Angeles, Orange or the San Bernardino area? Call Us for pricing or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members. I.S.FIREPRO performs Title 19 automatic fire sprinkler testing for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy for your new business, requests by an insurance company, or a citation from the local fire authority. Maintaining a fire sprinkler system can help avoid costly repairs I.S.FIREPRO has fire sprinkler system maintenance packages for quarterly, bi annual, annual and five year testing combinations. Our competitive pricing can give you a second opinion on repair or system defect quotes from others. 

Fire Sprinkler Company | Fire Sprinkler Repair Los Angeles

High Pile Storage 

High pile storage design and install for new construction and existing properties use all of the space you have! I.S.FIREPRO can upgrade an existing overhead system to accommodate high pile storage or install an In-Rack system to protect all of your merchandise.  

Dry Fire Protection Systems 

Need fire protection within a freezer or cooler?  I.S.FIREPRO can design, install and maintain a Dry fire sprinkler system for your business or property. Conversion to a Dry fire sprinkler system is another way we can help with all your fire protection needs. 

Underground and Onsite Hydrants 

Post Indicator Valve repair and replacement, Underground fire main breaks, main line relocations, pit valve replacement are just some of the underground repairs I.S.FIREPRO can take care of for your business or property. Wet and Dry barrel onsite fire hydrant installation and repair services available. 

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